Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate

Rosy Klein

Rosy Klein, Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate

After having lived in Uruguay and Germany and traveling being not only my hobby but part of my work, I arrived in NYC.  I have been self-employed since I turned 21 years old.  I learned that renting meant paying the landlord's  mortgage,  so I made it my goal to buy a condo with open view of the Empire State Building.  After viewing approx. 30 apartments I found the perfect one - a convertible 2 Br/2 ba. I had no idea how to get a mortgage and did not even have my American citizenship.

Now I understand the importance of having the right people working for you: a good real estate broker, a good attorney and a good CPA.  I decorated my new condo and  it was beautiful, which is exactly what a broker thought too when he passed by my open door. Just few months after having purchased the apartment, I received an offer sell it that I could not refuse . After less than 6 months of ownership, I made 20% profit.  

Being a business woman, I understood that I had to replicated what had worked once.  Over the years, I stopped counting how many apartments I bought and sold for myself and for my clients.  Real Estate became my business and I became an associated broker in NYC.

 I enjoyed New York but it was time to move on and so I came to beautiful Florida. I learned through my own experience with real estate how to create a great quality of life for myself and my family.

Let me help you create yours.

Office Location: 400 S Dixie Highway, Suite 320, Boca Raton

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