There’s something to be said for staying organized, regardless of whether we’re talking about your busy schedule or keeping things in order throughout your home. Much like how staying organized in your work life or social life can save you time, effort, and a whole lot of headaches, keeping your cupboards and food storage areas clean and organized can also make cooking a meal much less stressful, and do we dare even say…fun?

As you probably already know, however, keeping a pantry organized is much easier said than done, especially given items are constantly coming and going. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn't at least try to have a set of systems down that will help keep things in order and perhaps save a little space along the way as well.

Maximize vertical space on each shelf

Many items you have will only take up a fraction of the vertical space between shelves, which is wasted space unless you add some under-shelf baskets. An inexpensive yet high functional addition, no cupboard and food storage area is complete without a few under-shelf baskets installed.

Buy a countertop spice rack

With so many decorative spice racks on the market, why waste the space inside your cupboard? Find one that matches the look and feel of your kitchen and throw it on the countertop instead of piling up all your spices using valuable cupboard space.

Sort items by category

Buy some labeled baskets or containers and start organizing each cabinet, cupboard of shelf by category. You’ll save a ton time looking for the right ingredients, and you’ll also have the piece of mind knowing your cabinets will always be perfectly organized just the way to like it.

Use OXO Containers

Not only will OXO containers help maintain a clean cupboard or pantry, they too help maximize space in just about every way possible. They’re also a great way to keep food fresh too.

Strategy in organizing

When figuring out how to organize a pantry of kitchen cupboard, here are a couple things to keep in mind: Put items you’ll rarely use up on the higher shelves and items you’ll use frequently in places that are easier to reach. Also put items kids will want access to on lower shelves to avoid having them reach for something and spilling something or knocking items over.

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