Are you kidding me? thinks Boca is the laziest city in the US!

Vintage Boca Raton

I am completely baffled by’s conclusion that Boca Raton is the #1 City for lazy people. In their URL, they actually referred to us as lazy bums! Of course, in the description, actually made Boca sound fabulous. I mean, what’s so bad about this?:

With an average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 231 sunny days out of the year, it’s all too easy to be a beach bum in Boca Raton. The southern Florida city known for its wealthy and polished lifestyle is sometimes dubbed “the Beverly Hills of Florida.” And despite its perennial status as a punch line in “Seinfeld”-esque routines about geriatrics, the place has a surprisingly young and chill vibe.

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Interested in buying a beautiful condo in South Florida for just a dollar? There are over 10 luxury condos in Palm Beach County that are listed for $1 - $900. Yes, these deals actually exist, but there is a catch!

The catch is that you have to join the respective country clubs, pay the required annual dues, regardless whether you choose to take advantage of the amenities. The annual total costs can go as high as $30,000.

Before you jump at the nearest too-good-to-be-true deal, you need to do your due diligence by asking as many questions as possible regarding the deal. You first have to determine all the mandatory fees and what you stand to gain.

For example, the one dollar condo requires you to pay $10,000 country club membership application…

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Lately it seems South Florida home prices are on their way back to where they were pre-recession. The question you are most likely asking yourself is if increased interest in the South Florida real estate market will remain strong, or whether the bubble will once again burst.

South Florida remains a strong market, and there are beautiful homes that you are sure to love! If you are looking to buy your home in South Florida, you should consider the following:

Beautiful location

There are many properties to consider in South Florida. Mansions in back canals, seafront high-rise homes with all the modern amenities you could ever dream of, low key tropical hideaways, beautiful houses nestled among majestic palm trees. When buying a house, you…

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Boca Raton and Delray Beach offers over 30 independent living, well maintained senior and assisted living. Depending on the style you are looking for, here are some of the fanciest and well-equipped senior homes and communities that are perfect for retirees who just want to have fun.

• Banyan Place

This is an assisted living retirement community that is right in the heart of Boca Raton near the southern end of Florida. We have a breathtaking 360-degree view of tropical foliage and palm trees. It is also a short drive from the Everglades and makes for a calming and relaxing home.

• Stratford Court at Boca Pointe

This community is designed for seniors who wish to maintain their lavish lifestyle without the responsibility of managing and…

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I am pleased to announce that I recently sold a newly constructed Bal Harbor model located at 12163 Glacier Bay Drive, Boynton Beach in Valencia Cove for $738,900.

The Bal Harbor single story model includes a little over 3,100 sq. ft under air and high ceilings throughout. This home also features 3 bedrooms, 3 ½ bathrooms, Great Room, Club or Media Room, 2-car garage and more.

This beautiful home was purchased by a lovely couple who were not only looking for a new construction property to personalize, but they were also relocating from Southern California to South Florida. I am happy that I was able to help them find their brand new home in Valencia Cove and to assist them with their relocation.

Valencia Cove is a premier 55+ community…

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Happy Earth Day

What and When is Earth Day?

I’m sure that we can all agree that protecting our environment and conserving our natural resources is critically important. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, and it marks the anniversary of the start of the modern environmental movement. The first Earth Day was  April 22, 1970 - so we are celebrating the 46th anniversary this year! Did you know that Earth Day is the largest secular observance worldwide? Over one billion people across the planet participate in Earth Day activities!
Here are some suggestions for things to do to commemorate Earth Day:
Get involved in a Cleanup:
There are several beach and mangrove cleanups in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach communities on April 16, as well as April 22 and 23. If…

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When you picture your dream home, chances are it bears a considerable resemblance to the house you grew up in. A brownstone townhouse straight out of your favorite 80’s or 90’s sitcom. Then again, maybe this is a far cry from what you have in mind. Perhaps you are looking for something fancier. A home with a contemporary style, modern amenities and with a lot less maintenance from the word go.

Or maybe you are still not ready for that whole ‘4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 1.5 kids’ kind of house at all. When it comes to buying a home, the ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work. However, it does pay to know what you stand to gain or lose when it comes to choosing between a new and old construction.

A new house, a whole new you

Unless you have…

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