Boosting Your Home's Curb Appeal As a prospective home seller or perhaps someone who has plenty of experience selling homes in the past, you hear it all the time—curb appeal matters. It goes without saying that first impressions can make or break any potential deal, regardless of whether it’s for a job interview or first date, or attracting somebody to possibly buy your home or condo.

But what exactly is “curb appeal” in today’s digital world, and how much does it impact home sellers? Well, just like well before the days of the internet, it’s still a vital part of generating interest and getting people through the door. After all, if you can’t grab someone’s attention from the exterior photos of your home, chances are they won’t bother clicking through to the interior photos.

So before putting your home on the market, figure out what needs to be done on exterior of your home and try to make as many improvements as possible. And if you don’t exactly know where to start, here are just a few simple ideas:

Keep your lawn mowed regularly

Unless you hire a landscaping crew to cut the grass and keep all your bushes trimmed on a regular and consistent basis, chances are you let things grow a little longer than you should before you finally get around to that pesky yard work. Well, if you’re home is on the market, try to keep up with this as much as possible, even if it means cutting the grass twice a week to ensure your yard is in tip top shape when potential buyers drive by or show up for a private tour.

A welcoming entrance goes a long way

Sweeping the porch regularly, putting out a new welcome mat, and incorporating some flowers and/or plants of some kind near the doorway creates a welcoming entrance that buyers will notice. Updating the hardware on your door or perhaps even adding a stylish new mailbox might also be something to consider as well.

Add some outdoor furniture

Depending on the space or how big of a front porch you have, incorporating some nice, new outdoor furniture is always a great idea. Outdoor living space is a huge hit with today’s modern home buyers, and if you already have some outdoor furniture in place, make sure to give it a nice cleaning before potential buyers preview your home.

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