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As May draws to a close, let’s take a look back with the newly released Florida Realtors® market report for April 2017. The statistics point to some differences between single family homes versus townhouses and condos in the Palm Beach County real estate market. Despite this, both markets experienced notably slight year-over-year changes.

Single Family Homes in Palm Beach County

The market for single family homes remained relatively balanced with upticks in both closed sales and active listings. Closed sales rose a meager 0.8% from last year’s 1,586 to 1,598 in 2017. Similarly, active listings increased only 0.5% with a year-over-year change from 7,443 to 7,481. Fortunately for sellers, median sale price rose 6.5% from $307,125 to $327,000 and…

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When you live in South Florida, it can seem as though there’s always a new restaurant popping up — probably because there is! In fact, it can be hard to keep up with them all, unless of course you’re one of our Palm Beach County real estate agents. Our agents are experts in the local area, and can advise those who are new to the area of all of the best new restaurants in Palm Beach County to check out.

Here are five spots that your tastebuds will surely thank you for visiting.

 1. Louie Bossi’s, Boca Raton

If you’re in search of authentic Italian food made from scratch, visit Louie Bossi's Ristorante, Bar and Pizzeria. Its menu (written in Italian, naturally) offers a wide range of delectable dishes, from pastas, to oven-baked pizza and even…

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Anyone with children is all too familiar with the phrase “I’m bored.” While parents may not ever be able to truly do away with those two dreaded words, moving to South Florida is a great start. This geographic area has an endless list of exciting activities to keep children entertained. The Palm Beach County real estate agents know the city and proximate neighborhoods better than anyone and can guide you toward the best attractions for children just as well as they can steer you toward a new home. 

While the beach and nearby parks are obvious draws for the whole family, there are plenty of other activities for kids in Palm Beach County that your children are sure to love. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Lions, Tigers, and Fun!

What kid doesn’t…

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While many regard our local area for its beautiful beaches (and rightfully so), it’s time that we recognize its vibrant flora as well. Luckily for its residents, there are plenty of gardens in Palm Beach County where one can marvel at the breathtaking scenery. With spring underway and Palm Beach County in full bloom, now is the time to visit these favorite spots.

Mounts Botanical Garden

For those in need of a dose of tranquility, there’s simply no better place to find it than Mounts Botanical Garden. Located in West Palm Beach, Mounts Botanical Garden is the largest gardens in all of Palm Beach County. It is comprised of 20 unique gardens focusing on different plant life, with a section for edible plants, roses and fragrances, and even a…

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Florida Realtors® has released its report on the Palm Beach real estate market for March 2017. Overall, our local markets continue to be balanced, though the numbers reported have certainly demonstrated notable shifts when compared year-over-year. 

Single Family Homes in Palm Beach County

The statistics reported for Palm Beach County’s single family homes in March suggest that the market is working to the advantage of sellers — at least for the time being. Though still predominantly balanced, the 10.3 percent spike in closed sales and 8.9 percent rise in the median sale price are great news for sellers. That said, the month’s supply of inventory continues to linger around a balanced figure, even more so than the year prior when it came in at 5.1.…

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If the way to Carnegie Hall is: Practice, Practice, Practice...then the best vehicle to drive buyers to houses is: presentation, presentation, presentation! 

Other than purchase price and location, the one EASY motivator to get buyers excited about seeing a property lies in the beauty of the photos and the enthusiasm in it's description.

A listing agent should get buyers excited and motivated to go out and see a property. A listing with no description and dark photos makes the job of the buyer's agent so much more difficult. The buyer is convinced that the property is a wolf in sheep's clothing when the listing agent posts small, dark and fuzzy photos or didn't post any photos of the inside of the property, especially when there is no further…

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Many who make the move to South Florida come in search of a tropical paradise. That search stops at Ocean Ridge, a community regarded for its sunshine, ocean breezes and beautiful coastal Palm Beach County homes.

Life in Ocean Ridge

Located along A1A just east of Boynton Beach, Ocean Ridge is home to just under 2,000 people. These residents enjoy a private lifestyle rich in excitement in a town lifted right out of a postcard. A calming day on the beach filled with sunbathing and saltwater fishing can be had at Ocean Ridge Hammock Park, while those in search of a thrill can enjoy jet skiing and more at Ocean Inlet Park. For the nature lover, Ocean Ridge Natural Area certainly does not disappoint with a nursery and feeding habitat flourishing with…

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When purchasing a new home, it’s important to choose one that meets the needs of the entire family — dogs included. To ensure these needs are accommodated, you should enlist a Palm Beach County real estate agent who is an expert in the local area. 

While you might think that knowledge of the area’s best dog parks would fall outside a real estate agent’s expertise, that couldn’t be further from the truth at Boca Expert Realty. Every member of our team lives in the local area, and so do our dogs! Thus, we know better than most which places your pooch is sure to love.

Here are some of our favorites.

Best Dog Parks in Palm Beach County

Dogs are natural explorers, and owners are often looking for new places to let them off the leash. Help your…

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Spring has officially arrived and the Florida Realtors® market report for February 2017 has come with it. The real estate market in Palm Beach County continued its healthy streak from January. Though changes were more subtle, both sales and inventories went up continuing our ongoing trend of a balanced South Florida market.

Single Family Homes in Palm Beach County

February saw a slight increase in sales of single-family homes with 1,160 completed transactions, 1.2 percent more than last year. A 6.8 percent hike in the median sale price to $315,000 was even better news for sellers of single-family homes. Buyers were favored by a modest 3.3 percent growth in active listings for a total of 7,839. The month’s supply of inventory (the number of months it…

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South Florida’s beaches have long been one of the most sought-after spots for real estate, and with good reason. From the beautiful weather to the gorgeous views, the reasons to make your move to the shores are endless. Yet, some of the perks that come with purchasing South Florida beach homes are a bit unexpected. As it turns out, residing at the beach is good for your overall well-being.

Here are four surprising health benefits of living by the ocean:

1. The Calming Effect

The combination of the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the gentle breezes, and of course the sunshine produces a sense of calm that seems to wash over people from the moment they set foot on the beach. For this reason, the ocean has been known to reduce anxiety…

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