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We are Voting "No" on Amendment 4. Here's why...

Posted by Gloria Singer on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 at 10:14am.

Amendment 4....It's all the buzz....
You’ve seen the signs all over; what do you think? How will you vote on Amendment 4 on November 2nd? It is only a few days away. At first glance, Amendment 4 seems to give more power to the voters. This seems innocuous, doesn’t it? Isn’t that just what America has been built on? Democracy for the people, by the people. What could be wrong with this? Opponents are calling it the “Vote on Everything” initiative. They are saying that Amendment 4 advocates just want to stop growth at any cost and turn development projects into political campaigns for the benefit of special interest groups. For any technical change of land use and for every revision to every plan, and we know that often major land development plans can have hundreds of revisions, voters would have to decide at the ballot box.  Cities and counties would be required to hold elections for each proposed change and even for minor detail changes. This would burden cities and counties with having to organize and host hundreds of added elections and more importantly, this will cost taxpayers a great deal of money, property taxes will go up, and higher property taxes would again negatively impact the Real Estate market in South Florida. Do we really need another hit at this point to make it even more difficult for buying and selling real estate in Boca Raton?  To add to the frustration of added elections, voters at the polls will be trying to read and vote on legal jargon that can sometimes even confuse expert engineers and lawyers. Critics of Amendment 4 also claim that the burdensome process will stand in the way of improving the Florida job market, by making it difficult for new businesses to spring up, for local businesses to grow, and developers are likely to move to Georgia or the Carolina’s where it would be much easier for them without the obstacles, and red tape.  Critics point out that Amendment 4’s future impact can already be seen since a local version was “tested” In St. Petersburg, Florida and seemed to have had many negative effects such as; dozens of lawsuits and legal fees that cost local taxpayers millions of dollars. Numerous business groups, labor unions, healthcare groups, environmental leaders, planning organizations, and the Florida Association of Realtors have actively opposed Amendment 4.  Will you?  For more information on Amendment 4, visit; or the coalition website;

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Posted on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 at 11:24pm.

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